Book recommendation: (German) IT Law – law, business and technology of the digital transformation

The handbook not only provides solid basic legal knowledge of German IT law, but also the technical and economic understanding of current key technologies. It is suitable as a working aid for in-house counsel and corporate lawyers who want to inform themselves about the current “hot spots” of digital transformation in the industry with a manageable expenditure of time.

Advantages of the work:

  • Practice-oriented presentation of current developments and their economic and legal significance
  • Easy-to-understand presentation of technical backgrounds
  • Practical tips, examples and formulation suggestions for all sub-areas of IT law

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2nd edition of the free live event series “inside AM”

After a fantastic premier and already many questions about the second edition of “inside AM”, AM solutions are excited to announce Andreas Knöchel, Head of Program Management Additive Manufacturing Lattice at OECHSLER AG, as next guest of their upcoming interactive live event series.

“Additive Manufacturing is changing the world! Vision or already real?” AM Solutions shines a light on these and other interesting questions in its new six-part live event series “inside AM”, in which leading industry experts from different sectors will provide deep behind the scenes insights and report about their experience, applications, visions and obstacles.

In the upcoming session live from their Customer Experience Center, Andreas Knöchel will provide deep insights on:

  • How it all started – Additive Manufacturing at OECHSLER in the early days
  • From prototyping to mastering one of the largest 3D-printer fleets in the world
  • Production technology creates product innovation – an inside into OECHSLER´s product portfolio
  • Real world case study: OECHSLER´s Seating Program
  • Facts and figures from AMPOWER
  • All you want to know…

…the interactive format of the brand new event series allows you to ask all your questions live to the guests!

WOMEN IN AM: The first physical AM event in 2021 is just around the corner!

On July 20, the first physical meeting of the year will take place and we are looking forward to welcoming women in professional and leadership positions from the AM industry.
Since the personal exchange over the phone calls and video conferences of the past months has been less than satisfying, the focus this year at Women in AM is on eye-opening and discussion-stimulating personal conversations, as well as a diverse exchange of knowledge among each other. Of course, participants can also expect innovative presentations from users and representatives of the AM industry, but the most important thing is exciting networking in numerous breaks and workshops.

We are looking forward to participants from all branches of industry as well as exciting contributions from the mobility and medical sectors, research and the service sector.

The event will take place in the uniquely modern setting of our Marienpark neighbor Brewdog, where progress, sustainability and a feel-good atmosphere are combined in a unique setting. At DogTap, history and innovation come together with ample space for culinary experiences.

We are pleased that the current relaxation of restrictions will allow us to physically hold the event, but the safety of our participants is of course still paramount and a comprehensive hygiene concept must be adhered to.

Limited tickets to the Women in AM event are available at
Take the chance now to meet users and other representatives of the AM industry physically again, we are looking forward to a lively participation!

When: July 20, 2021  Time: 11:00 – 18:00 + Dinner event
Where: Im Marienpark 22, 12107 Berlin

AMPOWER develops a calculation tool for the ecological footprint of AM

Nowadays no one can get around the topic of sustainability: thinking about the environment is essential for the industry of the future.

Additive manufacturing is one of the most promising technologies when it comes to reducing one’s ecological footprint, but what we now need is finally putting numbers on how ecological sustainable certain additive manufacturing processes and materials are in comparison.

One of our newest members, AMPOWER, the Hamburg based leading consultancy in the field of industrial AM, is kicking off the next study from the “AMPOWER Insights” series on July 23 and is looking for partners from the MGA community.

Already twelve renowned partner companies are supporting the study, which main goal is the development of a generic calculation tool to estimate the carbon footprint and resource consumption for components in different additive and conventional manufacturing processes and materials.

In the first step, the tool is not intended to be a replacement for the very precise, but also lengthy and expensive Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), but rather a supplement to be able to quickly make an initial estimate of the ecological footprint, e.g. to be able to compare different manufacturing processes.

In LCAs the complete product life cycle is considered, but the study will concentrate on the part of the chain from raw material to finished product, because this is where the greatest differences between the individual manufacturing processes lie.

The study will be concluded by the end of December and will be available in full only to participating companies, AMPOWER will make extracts available to the public.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this amazing project!

For more information contact Eric Wycisk, Managing Partner @ AMPOWER