Wir feiern 5 Jahre MGA mit spannenden Rednern, anregenden Diskussionen und der einen oder anderen Überraschung!

Together with our friends and members of the network, we have spent two beautiful days celebrating the past achievements and listened to inspiring key notes about what else this great technology is capable of.

Now it’s time for us to look back at those eventful days:

As always, we opened our Annual Meeting with the members-only General Assembly, during which our executive board was discharged, and the cash auditor was reelected.

In addition, we are pleased to announce something very special to us: our members voted to appoint a third honorary member: congratulations and a huge thank you to Arvid Eirich, for building up the network and continuously supporting AM. Even if he now has taken over new responsibilities at the 3D printing project with the Deutsche Bahn – he will never be far away from the network and will continue to play a role in boosting AM.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with keynotes from our Advisory Counsellor Klaus Roeser, Benoit Dodin from SNCF, Dr Georg Fuchs from Fuchs & Cie, Dr Tina Schlingmann from EOS, Dr Özlem Weiss from Expertants and others.

Later, it was finally time for our on-side guests to enjoy the evening event with lots of tasty food and some lovely music, followed by our big MGA surprise …because what would a birthday party be without a cake, right?!


Even though the first day ended late, we started early on Day II and got to hear key notes from Lisa Widmann from Ultimaker, Sandra Neuwirth from Daimler, Dominic Duda from Takeda, Hakan Yavas from Turkish Aerospace, Ana Tomas & Jens Woelki from Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH and many others.



After the last guest went home (and the last piece of cake has been eaten), we would once again like to express our thanks:


We will shortly start uploading presentations and pictures from the event, so be sure to come back soon!


SAVE THE DATE BUTTON: 05 – 06 October 2022

Wir feiern 5 Jahre MGA mit spannenden Rednern, anregenden Diskussionen und der einen oder anderen Überraschung!

Am 22. & 23. September ist es wieder soweit und wir begrüßen endlich wieder physisch (aber natürlich auch virtuell) unsere Mitglieder und Freunde des Netzwerks. Erfahrt beim 5. MGA Annual Meeting in Berlin, was im vergangenen Jahr im Netzwerk und in den Arbeitsgruppen passiert ist, hört spannende Vorträge zum Beispiel über neueste Use Cases und trefft Kollegen, Freunde und neue Gesichter der AM Branche – natürlich darf auch gutes Essen und das eine oder andere kühle Getränk nicht fehlen. Und anlässlich des fünfjährigen Bestehens unseres Netzwerks wartet die eine oder andere Überraschung auf unsere Gäste in Berlin. 

Wir werden unter Berücksichtigung aller aktuellen Herausforderungen und Veranstaltungsauflagen, das Annual Meeting zweitägig im Marienpark stattfinden lassen und zusätzlich einen virtuellen Stream zur Verfügung stellen.  

Das letzte Jahr war für niemanden leicht, daher möchten wir nun zum zweiten Mal Mitglieder kostenfrei zum gesamten Meeting einladen. Mitgliedsunternehmen erhalten 1 Freiticket, darüber hinaus können natürlich weitere Tickets erworben werden. 

Wir hoffen, diese Maßnahme macht Euch in den aktuell planungsunsicheren Zeiten die Entscheidung leicht, uns zu sehen. 

“Respect! So, now it’s time to catch your breath, because it’s done. And you did it great! Congratulations to you and the team for organising the event. Everything worked absolutely smoothly, whether live on stage or from any home office. The presentations were interesting and entertaining. All in all a great event! However, it won’t be my hobby as it is really boring sitting here alone in the office, not being able to drink coffee or chat with anyone when you meet her or him by chance. So I sincerely hope that this meeting will remain a one-off exception. Now I hope you have a pleasant recovery and enjoy the feeling of having achieved something great. You can be proud of yourselves! I definitely am :-)”

Oliver Cynamon

Geschäftsführer / Managing Director at FIT Production

“Got valuable inspiration, an appreciated the distanced in-person contacts.”

Christoph Kiener

SIEMENS Mobility

“Very well done!! Great event in times of COVID-19! Thanks for all the effort spent in advance and during these two days by the team ???”

Maike Grund

Managing Director at Bionic Production

“Thanks again to MGA Mobility | MGA Medical – Mobility goes Additive e.V. and the excellent team of Stefanie Brickwede for this great event and for boosting Additive Manufacturing.”

Marc Fette

Chief Operating Officer at CTC – an AIRBUS company

“Thanks for the great event… especially for the big effort to realize the real part beside the virtual one!”

Dr. Thomas Heber

Leichtbauzentrum Sachsen

As disappointed I was (not being able to join physically), as delighted I was by the professional virtual execution of the event. Thanks for the great organization!”

Patric Hoffmann

New Business Models | DB Schenker