That was Mobility/Medical goes Additive – The VDI Students Competition 2022!

And despite Corona, exam period and hot summer temperatures, around 30 students – divided into 6 teams – took on this task. Within the three days of the competition, the students developed their product ideas without any preparation time, the prototypes were created using 3D printing and then “sold” as a business case in front of a renowned jury on the last competition day.

The winner was the team “A3dicted” from the Technical University of Berlin. Congratulations again! Their idea of a completely new exoskeleton called HUMAX, which solves problems of current models like too high weight, bad wearing comfort, too high costs and many more, convinced the jury the most.

Second place went to the Fibrefighters team from HAW Hamburg, and the jury voted the VDI Young Engineers from the Berlin University of Applied Sciences into third place.

A big thank you to the sponsors, without whose support this event would not have been possible: Airbus, Altair, Autodesk, Deutsche Bahn, exoIQ, 9T Labs, Composite Technology Center / CTC GmbH (An Airbus Company)!

We are already looking forward to next year!

MGA Medical Materials: BYOM Workshop

Workshops are a dime a dozen, but until now there was a lack of offerings for AM-relevant materials. MGA Medical is now closing this gap! On September 15, 2022 from 11am to 4pm we will host the first BYOM workshop in Berlin! What does the workshop offer?
  • Overview of AM-relevant materials
  • Guided expert rounds on material types
  • Individual and confidential expert consultations
  • Placement and discussion of your own use cases according to BYOM
What do participants bring with them?
  • Interest in AM in the medical sector
  • Experience in professional handling of AM-relevant materials for medical devices
  • Ideally a use case from your own environment
What else is important?
  • Venue: Mobility goes Additive e.V., Im Marienpark 22, 12107 Berlin,
  • Organizer: MGA Medical together with Expertants GmbH and Innovative Polymer Compounds (IPC)
  • Cost: €295 (MGA members) / €895 (external) plus VAT.
  • Included services: Drinks, hot lunch, workshop participation
Dr. Özlem Weiss (Expertants GmbH), Dr. Cora Lüders-Theuerkauf and Henrik Bjoerk (IPC) are looking forward to your active participation.

Automotive: Another successful Kick-Off

The automotive industry is very diverse, as are its use cases: From prototyping to tools and first small series, are just the beginning. Drives, braking systems, batteries, seats and much more complete the overall picture. Now AM has the potential to revolutionize the automotive sector, which is why on May 24 we launched the MGA AUTOMOTIVE Working Group.

In our office in Berlin we welcomed OEMs, suppliers, innovative start-ups, software providers, printer manufacturers, scientific institutes and many more AM enthusiasts to start an open-topic discussion.

A big thank you to our keynote speakers Christoph Hansen, COO of Sauber Technologies AG and Jens Krämer, Prototyping FireFighting Magirus GmbH who inspired the first discussions of the group.

During the Kick-Off the participants identified the first topics they would like to concentrate on as a Working Group and at the next meeting in September 2022 those topics will be more clearly defined.

Another thank you to BigRep GmbH for inviting everyone from the Kick-Off over for Beers & Burgers afterwards – it was great to have a look at the BigRep facility in Berlin.

Now we are looking forward to the next meeting of the MGA Automotive Working Group.

If You would like to join this group, please contact us

Kick-Off Automotive

We are expanding our mobility portfolio and launching our AUTOMOTIVE working group! We cordially invite you to join us at the MGA office in Berlin on May 24, 2022 from 11:00 to 15:00.

The industry is far-reaching, the use cases as well. From prototyping to tools and first small series, it’s all here. Drives, braking systems, batteries, seats and much more complete the overall picture.

During the kick-off, we will get a first overview of the topic with the help of short pitches by the participants. Afterwards, the relevant topics will be defined together before the first projects are launched at the next working group meetings.
We look forward to reviving the automotive topic area!

In view of the pandemic development, the event will take place under 2G-Plus regulations, where the “Plus” stands for an official, daily Corona test. Feel free to contact Dr. Cora Lüders-Theuerkauf with any further questions.

Update Working Group Use Cases

Despite unfavorable conditions thanks to Corona, we have made a first mark regarding regulatory frameworks in orthopedic technology with the workshop for orthopedic technicians – requirements for AM manufactured orthoses – on March 22.

The workshop was completely booked out, the interest was great. In addition to representatives from medical supply stores and orthopedic technology companies, representatives from the Berlin Chamber of Crafts and the DIN Institute were also present. We heard two fantastic presentations on experiences from the dental industry and regulatory requirements for AM manufactured medical devices. Everyone agreed on the importance of validated manufacturing processes in orthopedic technology and the need for communication regarding digitalization into the trade to create safety and minimize fears of new technologies. There is still a lot of work ahead of us, but we are well on our way to navigating the regulatory jungle.

Neuer Förderaufruf für die Additive Fertigung in Berlin!


Wir haben uns sehr gefreut, dass am 30. März so viele Berliner zur Informationsveranstaltung AMBER Pro FIT Call zu uns in den Marienpark gekommen sind.
Herzlichen Dank an Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie für ein wundervolles Berliner 3D-Druck-Netzwerktreffen!

Mit dem Ziel, die Hauptstadtregion als herausragenden 3D-Druck-Standort in Europa zu etablieren, treibt Berlin die Entwicklung seines innovativen Ökosystems im Bereich des Additive Manufacturing (AM) Berlin Brandenburg AMBER, voran.
Berlin wird Testfeld und Showroom für neuartige Produktionstechnologien und innovative Wertschöpfungsnetze, verbunden mit einer wegweisenden Forschung.

Mit dem AMBER Pro FIT Call können Forschungs-, Entwicklungs- und Innovationsprojekte im Bereich der Additiven Fertigung unterstützt werden. Themenfelder sind:

  1. Personalisierte Medizintechnik
  2. Bau und Leichtbau
  3. Additive Fertigung mit biobasierten Werkstoffen
  4. Additive Fertigung im/für den Weltraum.

Weitere Informationen hier:
Die Bewerbung geht an direkt an die IBB.

Together We are Strong

That’s why we as the Additive Manufacturing Community – an association of various industrial 3D printing companies – want to show a clear sign and stand up for our beliefs with this statement below.

Workshop für Orthopädie- und Medizintechniker | Thema: Anforderung an AM-gefertigte Orthesen und Prothesen

Innerhalb unseres Netzwerks nehmen die Prothetik und Orthetik einen immer größeren Stellenwert ein, da dort die meisten Anwendungen für den 3D-Druck zu finden sind. Das Interesse vieler Orthopädietechniker ist groß an dieser Technologie, die Anforderungen allerdings auch.

Deshalb veranstaltet unsere Arbeitsgruppe USE CASES unter Leitung von Dr. Cora Lüders-Theuerkauf am

22. März 2022
von 13.00 – 16.00 Uhr
in Berlin

als 2G+-Präsenzveranstaltung einen Workshop für Orthopädie- und Medizintechniker.

Thema des Workshops sind Anforderungen an AM-gefertigte Prothesen und Orthesen. Der Workshop richtet ich nicht nur an AM-Experten, sondern an alle Interessenten, die sich zukünftig ggf. mit der additiven Fertigung beschäftigen und diese nutzen möchten. Zur Zielgruppe gehören Handwerker, Orthopädietechniker sowie Medizintechniker aus Betrieben, Sanitätsfachgeschäften u.a. Die Berliner Handwerkskammer, das DIN-Institut sowie Vertreter der Landesinnung für Orthopädietechnik Berlin-Brandenburg sind auch mit an Bord.

Wir werden einen Impulsvortrag zu den Erfahrungen aus der Dentalbranche von Gregor Reischle, Experte für AM, hören und uns dann pro-aktiv an die Arbeit machen, um Standards, Normen etc. zu sammeln. Ziel ist es, eine Art Blaupause mit allgemeingültiger Vorgehensweise zu Testmethoden und Prüfverfahren zu entwickeln, die auch dem DIN-Institut für zukünftige Ausschüsse zur Verfügung gestellt werden kann.

Für mehr Informationen kontaktiert bitte Cora

How to train your AM staff

One of the greater challenges for implementing Additive Manufacturing in the industry is the education and training of the workforce:

Machine operators must learn how to handle the 3D printers’ special features for producing components that meet the high requirements of the market. Designers should learn to consider the additional benefits of Additive Manufacturing as early as in the development process to promote the technology out of the niche of spare parts business or the reworking of existing components.

For this purpose, numerous market participants offer further education and training on various topics. The search for appropriate offers is time-consuming and the offers are difficult or even impossible to compare. This is due on the one hand to often superficial descriptions of the training content, and on the other hand to the high degree of individuality of the offerings, which are to be developed for customers depending on their needs and prior knowledge.

MGA has recognized these issues and wants to help make the training landscape more transparent. This will support companies, venturing into the field of Additive Manufacturing, to get started and provide guidance in choosing appropriate training.

Based on this motivation, the networks working group “Education” has developed a modular training system that is designed to meet the different requirements of workplaces, based on the experience of various industry participants from all parts of the process chain, together with training providers and certification bodies. It is basically based on the process diagram of DIN Spec 17071. The AM platform

The biggest goal of MGA is to boost AM into industrial series production. To reach it, we need way more awareness of our technology in all areas of industry as well as certified production processes. There will certainly never be “enough” new applications. One fact is clear to all our members: We will not achieve that goal as individual players. Hence, we agreed on sharing our knowledge with everyone interested in Additive Manufacturing, following the mission of enabling more companies to adopt the technology and thus increasing its impact on the manufacturing industry. Finding an adequate way to share our findings became a key element of our process.

In 2018 the Working Group Education came up with the idea to create a map-based platform with all our network members listed with their own company profile. Based on the member company listings we wanted to create transparency and so we added more listing types step by step. Based on a filter property model elaborated by the Digital Supply Chain Working group, companies are now able to share successfully implemented AM Use Cases to give AM newcomers orientation and good practice examples for their own start in the field of 3D printing.

But we did not stop with companies and use cases, we also added with the help of the Materials Working Group a Materials Compass, that is intended to give all users an overview of which materials are available on the market and, above all, to which mechanical requirements they fit. Because we all know that in AM the range of materials is even greater than the number of different technologies.

Last but not least and again with the help of the Materials Working Group we compiled AM-relevant standards and come up with a filter logic that allows a quick overview of the standards landscape in AM.

So are you looking for a service provider specialised in printing Aluminium? Do you need impressions of Use Cases printed in Steel for your next project? Do you want to get inspiration of the latest innovative ideas from other professionals? Or are you just missing a standard for testing plastic parts? All this and much more can be found on the platform. And the best about it: The entries are connected to each other through their properties and are thus cross-searchable!