Ecological Sustainability

New technologies are exposed to the most critical eyes and the demand for information on ecological effects of additive manufacturing is increasing. We at MGA believe in the huge potential of AM to contribute to the green transformation towards a circular economy.

This includes topics like the carbon footprint, statements about energy consumption, waste reduction, the reuse of valuable materials and the recycling of unavoidable waste.

This working group is focusing on concrete facts and figures in order to correctly evaluate the ecological potential of Additive Manufacturing and show how green this technology is.


We are aiming for:

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    Identification of key factors to make AM an all-green technology

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    Creation of reliable theses on sustainable AM

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    Acquisition and exchange of knowledge from and with leading experts in sustainable AM

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    Collection and analysis of best practices

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    Development of strategies to increase sustainability throughout the AM industry

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    Identification of specific potentials for ecological improvement

Head of Working Group

Stefanie Brickwede

Managing Director

Helge Schneevogt

Project Manager Technology & Sustainability

december 2021

202102dec1:00 pm4:00 pmMGA | Ecological SustainabilityRELAUNCH: Join us in Berlin to relaunch our working group focusing on making AM the green technology that it can be!Im Marienpark 22, 12107 Berlin

The following are involved in the working group

Tüv Süd