Additive Manufacturing is already being used successfully in many areas of the pharmaceutical industry – from spare parts to format parts to personalized medicines, 3D printing is already widely used, but so far often behind closed doors.

This working group offers all players in the pharmaceutical value chain the opportunity not only to communicate their ideas on how AM can be integrated into pharmaceutical processes, but also to jointly advance and implement them.

This is to be achieved by the following steps:

Dominic Duda

Lead Technology Solutions

Takeda Pharmaceutical AG


Almost all of them have developed concrete application possibilities, but often do not present them to the public.

Involve all stakeholders through education, training and open mindset to develop a win-win solution for all stakeholders in the value chain

Develop a common platform that will be used for communication, data exchange, education, etc. to ultimately establish a scalable process regarding IP rights, regulatory and liability issues, and certifications

Review and define product specifications, moving away from over-engineering

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Körber Pharma GmbH

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Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG