Aero + Space

3, 2, 1: Take Off! The topic of 3D printing is not only taking place on earth, but also already in orbit! Additive manufacturing allows components for aerospace to be optimized for and even printed IN space.

The recently formed Aero+Space working group is working on efficient high-tech components in the aerospace industry. This working group will deal with various topics in the aviation and aerospace sector. CO2 reduction, weight saving, material requirements and space design are just the first ideas. Of course, we will also discuss questions such as, “How do we manage to print tools, spare parts or buildings in orbit from the source materials there?”

Prof. Dr. – Ing Enrico Stoll

Chairholder of Space Technology

Institut für Luft- und Raumfahrt

Linus Tillmann

Membership & Technology Manager


Lightweight design rethought for Aero + Space

Communicating the specific needs of aerospace to industry and researchers

Initiate joint projects

Accelerating market entry with our existing know-how

The following are involved in the Aero + Space working group