Veterinary Medicine

The working group will further investigate the field of veterinary medicine and identify potential areas of application for AM in veterinary medicine. This will start with an exchange of previous success stories and individual needs.


This working group offers all players in the pharmaceutical value chain the opportunity not only to communicate their ideas on how AM can be integrated into pharmaceutical processes, but also to jointly advance and implement them.

This is to be achieved by the following steps:


That is why we are establishing a new working group exclusively for employees in hospitals like physicians, nurses, technicians and the administrations – with an option to later open the group for suppliers and consultants.
Hospitals is also aimed at different medical fields to bring them closer together via the common interface AM.

We aim for an open discussion regarding these topics:

Use Cases

This working group is keeping a close eye on newest developments and is driving real use applications with the greatest promise.


Compatible and durable materials are particularly important for products in medical device classes IIb and III, and the requirements are therefore high.


This working group’s main task is to have a close look at the current status quo in order to define what is needed to gain approval for 3D-printed medical devices and to establish them in the industry.