On-site security measures

Risk minimization, rules of conduct

No Handshake Policy

  • Unfortunately, this year we must insist on a strict no handshake policy throughout the event.

Compulsary Masks

  • All guests and staff must wear masks covering mouth and nose inside the location. The masks may be removed when seated.

Guest management

  • Individual registration by name including the submission of all officially required data prior to the event is mandatory for participation in the event
  • Check-In on site with negative 24h Corona test or proof of full vaccination, anyone showing symptoms will be denied entrance to the event.


  • The number of participants on site was limited so that a distance of 1.50m between seats is always guaranteed and can also be maintained in the meeting zones.
  • The venue is prepared in such a way that the guests are guided along one-way streets, thus minimizing contact points.
  • The staff on site has received a comprehensive briefing on hygiene and will ensure compliance with the measures on site


  • Rush airing (ventilation) is provided at regular intervals to minimize aerosols in the room
  • Doors and windows in certain areas will remain open to ensure the flow of fresh air during the event


  • The event location will be thoroughly cleaned every day
  • All contact surfaces with intensive hand contact during the event (especially door handles, handrails, table surfaces, etc.). are cleaned frequently.
  • Conference technology (like microphones) will be disinfected after every use.


  • Food & Beverages either prepacked or given out from serving stations in compliance with current distance and hygiene regulations.
  • Extended breaks and increased number of catering stations.
  • Obligation to cover mouth and nose as well as regular and frequent hand disinfection for staff and visitors in the catering area.

If you would like to know more about our safety measures, please feel free to send us an email.