Formnext 2021

The Corona pandemic started in March 2020 and since then big fairs have only happened online or have been cancelled altogether.  Which is why the formnext 2021 has been all the AM community has been talking about these past few months!

As before we were lucky to join Berlin Partner at the joint presentation of the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region this time in Hall 12.1 at booth 41 together with Bach Resistor Ceramics GmbH, CerAMing GmbH, Fraunhofer IPK, Gefertec GmbH, Hope Printer, Institut für Produktionsmanagement (IPM AG), nFrontier GmbH, NANOVAL GmbH & Co. KG, Orion Additive Manufacturing GmbH, Siemens AG / AM Design Lab, trinckle 3D GmbH, Tutolino & TU Berlin.

It was amazing to see so many members of MGA and the fAMily at this year’s formnext, even though we did miss the after-fair parties at the booths – hopefully those will happen again next year.

We would like to thank Berlin Partner and especially Olav Morales and David Hampel for another amazing Berlin-Brandenburg booth and of course the Messe Frankfurt for hosting a safe 2G event during these uncertain times.

Hope to see you all again next year!


Final run: “inside AM” presents Dunlee in his last session!

“Additive Manufacturing is changing the world! Vision or already real?” AM Solutions shines a light on these and other interesting questions in its interactive live event series “inside AM”, in which leading industry experts from different sectors will provide deep behind the scenes insights and report about their experience, applications, visions and obstacles.

In the final session, live from the Customer Experience Center, Jan Philippe Grage will discuss the following exciting topics:

• The significance and benefits of AM in the medical field
• The process of implementing AM in a traditional production environment
• How AM supports healthcare in times of COVID-19
• What contribution can AM make to the topic of sustainability
• The challenges and opportunities of using Tungsten in AM

All you want to know…

…the interactive format of the event series allows you to ask all your questions live to the guests!

Formnext Start-up Challenge

For the seventh time, the international Formnext Start-up Challenge has recognized young enterprises from the world of additive manufacturing for their innovative business ideas and technical developments. In 2021, the winning innovations range from nano and glass 3D printing through to new medical solutions for spine patients.
They come from the following winners: Atlant 3D Nanosystems ApS (Denmark), Azul 3D (USA), Fited (USA), Print Parts (USA) and Nobula AB Sweden). This year the AM Ventures Impact Award presented at the same ceremony goes to Vispala Technologies (India).

In 2021, the quality of the start-ups and their innovations developed a step further. They boast numerous patents – some already awarded and some still pending – and promising applications. In some cases, over 50 million euros have already been poured into the young enterprises’ developments, and so it is no surprise how market-ready and promising their innovations were. They promise greater precision for 3D printing, considerably faster production or new applications, for example in medicine and aerospace.

The Formnext Start-up Challenge 2021 recognizes companies that are no more than five years old. The competition evaluates new and viable business ideas with a distinguished panel of judges consisting of prominent representatives from the realms of industry, science, media,
and investment. Like before, our Managing Director Stefanie Brickwede was proud to be a member of the jury. The international winners will present their award-winning products during Formnext in Frankfurt from November 16 to 19, 2021 and exhibit them in the Start-up Area.

The official award ceremony is to take place on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, on Formnext’s AM4U stage.

We are heading towards formnext 2021 – visit us at our booth!

Formnext is the world’s leading international trade fair for additive manufacturing processes and industrial 3D printing. Here, 800 national and international exhibitors present their products and services, as well as update on their ongoing processes.

Together with our friends from Gefertec, Fraunhofer IPK, 3D trinckle, AMBER and many more, MGA is part of the joint booth of Berlin Partner, who have once again been entrusted to host the joint presentation of the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region.

Formnext offers the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded peers of the industry and show how the process chain develops from a product idea to its production.
Taking into account the current COVID restrictions, the hall concept of formnext in Frankfurt am Main offers an easy and logical orientation and creates sociable networking opportunities. Visitors can explore all different exhibitors and their booths, as well as attend all kinds of various conferences.

Along with our co-exhibitors, we can’t wait to arrange our booth and be surrounded by many participants, who are interested in our mission and boosting AM!
So come and visit us at our booth (F41) on November 16 – 19 in Frankfurt!

Automotive Lightweight Technology Expo in Tokio – a joint presentation

The Foreign Trade Fair Program (AMP) of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) enables companies to participate in foreign trade fairs at favorable conditions.

Now, this is also possible for the key technology of lightweight construction.
The Automotive Lightweight Technology Expo is Asia’s leading trade fair for lightweight construction technologies in the automotive sector, focusing on a wide range of materials and processing technologies for weight reduction in the automotive industry.
Institutions active in the automotive sector can position themselves globally at the joint presentation under the umbrella brand “Made in Germany” and present and consolidate their company to the trade audience.
Applications for the joint booth should be submitted by October 6.
LMI Leipziger Messe International GmbH is available to answer any questions regarding participation in the trade fair and in relation to the pandemic.

Gesine Weickert

“inside AM” is returning on October 6th together with Siemens Energy!

“Additive Manufacturing is changing the world! Vision or already real?” AM Solutions shines a light on these and other interesting questions in its interactive live event series “insideAM”, in which leading industry experts from different sectors will provide deep behind the scenes insights and report about their experience, applications, visions and obstacles.

In the October session, live from the Customer Experience Center, Sebastian Piegert will discuss the following exciting topics:

  • Together we lead the AM Revolution: insights on the Siemens Energy approach and strategy
  • AM as game changer for gas turbine related applications
  • Quality 1st: standards, specifications and practices enabling serialization
  • Serial manufacturing of gas turbine components (business case/ maintenance)
  • We energize society: energy transformation and which role AM can play – an outlook

All you want to know…

…the interactive format of the brand-new event series allows you to ask all your questions live to the guests!

ADDITIV Automotive, die virtuelle Veranstaltung rund um die additive Fertigung in der Automobilindustrie

3Dnatives, die Online-Medienplattform zum Thema 3D-Druck, veranstaltet am 28. September 2021 von 08:00 Uhr bis 17:00 Uhr das kostenlose virtuelle Event ADDITIV Automotive. Die Teilnehmer erwarten spannende Podiumsdiskussionen, Workshops und Networking-Sessions! Ralf Anderhofstadt (Daimler), Stefanus Stahl (BMW), Elena López (Fraunhofer IWS / Women in 3D Printing), Volker Eitrich (Audi), Thomas Stein (Volkswagen), Ole Geisen (Siemens Energy), Jens Hübner (HP), Jérémie Schuler (Formlabs) und Stéphane CAULIEZ (KIMYA by Armor) zählen zu den Experten und werden bei ADDITIV Automotive spannende Einblicke in die Anwendungsmöglichkeiten des 3D-Drucks für die Automobilindustrie geben.


Die additive Fertigung stellt eine treibende Schlüsselkraft für die Industrie 4.0 dar und wird von Automobilherstellern als wegweisende Technologie zur Automatisierung und Optimierung von Produktionsschritten entlang der gesamten Wertschöpfungskette genutzt. Die Automobilindustrie profitiert von den Vorteilen des  3D-Drucks beispielsweise im Hinblick auf eine Steigerung der Flexibilität, Effizienz und Wirtschaftlichkeit. Es bieten sich in puncto Design nie dagewesene Chancen zur Konstruktion von leichten Bauteilen mit komplexen Geometrien. Außerdem können Werkzeuge, Hilfsmittel und Ersatzteile schneller, kostengünstiger und vor Ort 3D-gedruckt werden. Gründe, weshalb sich Experten bereits heute einig sind, dass die additive Fertigung signifikant zur Dezentralisierung und Individualisierung in der Produktion beitragen wird.


Khelifa Touati, Business Developer für die DACH Region bei 3Dnatives sagt im Gespräch: „In den letzten Jahren hat sich gezeigt, dass sich die Einsatzgebiete des 3D-Drucks innerhalb des Automotive Zweiges kontinuierlich weiterentwickeln und vergrößern. Deutsche Automobilhersteller stellen sich vermehrt auf einen Paradigmenwechsel ein, welcher nicht zuletzt von 3D-Druck-Verfahren mitbestimmt wird. Ich bin davon überzeugt, dass Teilnehmer bei ADDITIV Automotive einen spannenden Austausch in den Podiumsdiskussionen erwarten können und freue mich Sprecher von branchenführenden Unternehmen aus der Industrie sowie 3D-Druck-Unternehmen begrüßen zu dürfen.“


Jetzt kostenlos für ADDITIV Automotive am 28. September 2021 registrieren!

Sonderbeilage Mobilität der Zukunft in der CAPITAL

Am 21. Oktober 2021 veröffentlicht der in|pact media Verlag eine Sonderbeilage „Mobilität der Zukunft – Technik, Trends, Innovationen“ in der Gesamtauflage der CAPITAL mit einer Reichweite von 860.000 Lesern/innen. Ein Thema der Ausgabe wird „3D-Druck – Innovative Materialien für den Mobilitätssektor“ sein:

Stefanie Brickwede wird sich dort als Expertin imForum der Akteure inhaltlich beteiligen.

Falls Interesse besteht, in diesem Zusammenhang Anzeigen zu schalten, einen Sponsoren-Gastbeitrag zu verfassen oder ein Experteninterview zu geben, kontaktieren Sie gerne direkt Michael Stoephasius.

MGA Mitglieder erhalten bis zum 3. September 20% Rabatt.

3D industrial – our unified voice for industrial 3D printing in Germany

The innovation and technology leaders are located in Germany. At the same time, massive, strategic and very effective investments in industrial 3D printing are being made worldwide, by countries such as the USA and China. Germany and its companies are therefore in danger of being left behind in this competition.

Therefore, we decided to found 3D industrial, an initiative of German “thought leaders” in the field of industrial 3D printing. As a loose association of companies that deal with the use of additive manufacturing in industrial production, covering the entire value chain. All participants are united by the focus on the industrial use of 3D printing. The aim is not to deal with standardization or technology, nor to establish a new platform for networking between companies.

Rather, the aim is to jointly address decision-makers in politics, government, authorities and civil society. The goal is to inspire them to create the right framework conditions for the successful integration of additive manufacturing into industrial production.

Our main claims:

  1. development and implementation of a “National Additive Manufacturing Strategy”
  2. inclusion of industrial 3D printing in education and training
  3. more dynamic promotion of research and development
  4. supporting investments in sustainable supply chains

To achieve this, the initiative needs YOUR SUPPORT – especially in this exciting election year and after the formation of a new federal government.

To get a first impression, please find a current position paper of 3D industrial below.

If you are interested in participating, contact us for a more detailed presentation. Further information is also available on the website

We look forward to lively participation, because only together can we ensure that future innovations in the field of additive manufacturing take place in Germany and Europe.

MGA Medical goes Additive: Medical Potential Studies

Additive manufacturing is being used widely in the medical sector. In particular, the various departments of hospitals often access its extensive applications. The major advantages here are the individual fit, freedom of design, speed of production, and cost savings. But how great is the actual potential of medicine and medical technology in terms of using additive manufacturing in Berlin? To answer this question, we at Medical goes Additive conducted a potential study: For this purpose, research was conducted and expert discussions were held over several months to determine the specific needs in the medical sector and to get to know the most important players of said sector in Berlin. It became clear that most representatives of the industry would like to see more networking within the Berlin 3D printing community and that there is a great need for cooperation and alliances. The Industrial Additive Manufacturing (IAM) Hub, which opened in October 2020 on the Marienpark site in the south of Berlin, provides a suitable basis for a central contact point for establishing Additive Manufacturing in the medical sector in the capital: In Berlin-Mariendorf, a dedicated micro-ecosystem with campus character is being created. The topics of co-working, training, research and development, as well as AM events, find a new home here. Check out our medical potential study and find out which areas of the medical industry are particularly promising for the use of Additive Manufacturing.