RAILiability & Friends

The MGA Mobility working group RAILiability is the platform for exchange of European railways for the use of Additive Manufacturing e.g. in the spare parts sector for mutual benefit and the development of common use cases.
Since the beginning this has been a closed group for the railways to share knowledge amongst their own kind, without external influences.
However, RAILiability has now considered inviting guests from the network to individual meetings with specific topics. This newely introduced meeting format will be known as “RAILiability & Friends”.

The pioneer working joining RAILiability will be Materials. This working group with more than 60 members is by far our largest group, proving the point that when it comes to higher accuracies, better components, new technologies and new AM applications, there is no getting-around the topic of Materials. In Additive Manufacturing, the range of materials is even wider than the number of different technologies therefore the aim of the group is to bundle common interests, better understand the market and jointly advance AM.

The topic of this first fusion of the two working groups will be “flame-resistant plastics”. On Dec 3rd 2020 MATERIALS & RAILiability want to discuss the development needs of flame-resistant plastics and push the topic further.