3D industrial – our unified voice for industrial 3D printing in Germany

Industrial 3D printing is a key technology for the industrial manufacturing of the future. It is a highly innovative and sustainable addition to the established manufacturing processes.

The innovation and technology leaders are located in Germany. At the same time, massive, strategic and very effective investments in industrial 3D printing are being made worldwide, by countries such as the USA and China. Germany and its companies are therefore in danger of being left behind in this competition.

Therefore, we decided to found 3D industrial, an initiative of German “thought leaders” in the field of industrial 3D printing. As a loose association of companies that deal with the use of additive manufacturing in industrial production, covering the entire value chain. All participants are united by the focus on the industrial use of 3D printing. The aim is not to deal with standardization or technology, nor to establish a new platform for networking between companies.

Rather, the aim is to jointly address decision-makers in politics, government, authorities and civil society. The goal is to inspire them to create the right framework conditions for the successful integration of additive manufacturing into industrial production.

Our main claims:

  1. development and implementation of a “National Additive Manufacturing Strategy”
  2. inclusion of industrial 3D printing in education and training
  3. more dynamic promotion of research and development
  4. supporting investments in sustainable supply chains

To achieve this, the initiative needs YOUR SUPPORT – especially in this exciting election year and after the formation of a new federal government.

To get a first impression, please find a current position paper of 3D industrial below.

If you are interested in participating, contact us for a more detailed presentation. Further information is also available on the website

We look forward to lively participation, because only together can we ensure that future innovations in the field of additive manufacturing take place in Germany and Europe.

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