2 new Focus Groups for 2 MGA Medical Working Groups

To be able to adjust the topics of our Working Groups Use Cases and Materials further towards the needs of our members, we will introduce two new Focus Groups

Motivated by our successful workshop for orthopedic and medical technicians earlier this year, we want to hold on to this approach of specification. In order to promote an intensive and more in-depth exchange among interested parties on specific topics, we decided to emulate the structure of our MGA Mobility Working Group and launched two Focus Groups within the MGA Medical Working Groups Use Cases and Materials:

Working Group Use Cases: Focus Group “OT & Medtech”
In our new Focus Group “OT & Medtech” we will address questions all around the field of orthopedic and medical technology such as orthoses, prostheses and other medical technology applications and software. From development and manufacturing to testing and standardization, the field of potential topics is huge. Our aim is to discuss solutions, that are as relevant as possible for you. Therefore, we would be happy to have you contribute topics, ideas or even problems and hurdles that you are facing.

Working Group Materials: Focus Group “Analyses & Processing”
Environmental sustainability in AM is not just about saving material, but also about material reuse and recycling. We want to take a closer look at this exciting topic as part of our new “Analyses & Processing” Focus Group. Can materials for medical applications be recycled, and if so, how? What standards are applicable and necessary for this? What are the restrictions and possibilities? We would like to address all of these and many more questions together.

We already have our sights set on the first project: we want to join forces to investigate and test recycled and reused materials for specific use cases – and we are still looking for further collaborators. So, if you have components and/or materials that you could imagine for such a project, feel free to contact us already to save your place in the project!

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