Approval in Rail

Regulatory boundary conditions and approval procedures form an essential influence- and success-factor for the establishment of new production technologies.

Approval in Rail is currently closed to new members due to ongoing project. While we are unable to accommodate additional participants at this time, we appreciate your interest in our work. Stay tuned for updates on future opportunities to join us. Thank you for your understanding.

When MGA was founded, the regulatory approval of additively manufactured, safety-relevant components especially for rail traffic systems was identified as a priority topic. This working group focuses on the following topics, to advance the additive manufacturing of safety-relevant (spare-) parts:

Linus Tillmann

Membership & Technology Manager

Dr. Maximilian Kunkel

R&D Project Manager
Senior Key Expert AM Technologies

Siemens Mobility GmbH


Reduction of rail-specific approval hurdles for AM parts through cross-sectoral cooperation

Development and introduction of a generic qualification path for the approval of safety-relevant components within the railway sector to abolish recurring, part-specific approval procedures with inherent cost- and time-intensive efforts.

Assurance of product quality, product safety and warranty

Final report of Phase 1 for Approval in Rail to be published in October 2020

The following are involved in the Approval in Rail working group



Fraunhofer IAPT

Fraunhofer Kompetenzfeld Additive Fertigung


Knorr Bremse

Leupold Legal

Photon AG



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