A technology can be the best of all times, but it will not be established in the market if there are not enough trained people to understand and drive the technology. But how can you educate your staff?

This working groups main goal is to bring transparency into the training market and help potential users to get a better overview of training opportunities.

  • modular training systems

    Creating a modular training systems, an overview of training providers with filter options and an overview of training contents

  • Integration of AM topics

    Integration of AM topics into existing education and the provision of the necessary resources for that goal

  • apprentices

    Pushing for standardized apprentices (Fachexperten)

Olaf Steinmeier

Fraunhofer IAPT

Linus Tillmann

Membership & Technology Manager

How to train your AM staff

That was Mobility/Medical goes Additive – The VDI Students Competition 2022!

The following are involved in the Education working group


Fraunhofer IAPT




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