A new Lightweight Program to support your projects

The research funding program Technology Transfer Program Lightweight Construction (TTP Lightweight Construction for short) is a BMWK program aimed at promoting and supporting innovative technologies and products in the field of lightweight construction.

The production of lightweight components reduces the need for resources. By using additive manufacturing, complex designs and structures can also be realized, which are in high demand in lightweight construction. In combination with targeted material selection, additive manufacturing helps to produce lightweight structures that can also be manufactured and used in a resource-efficient and material-saving manner.

In the new round of tenders for the TTP Lightweight Construction, it was possible to add material and resource efficiency to the funding conditions thanks to MGA. Stefanie Brickwede has actively brought the topic into the This means that projects that focus on the development of materials and technologies to reduce resource consumption and CO2 emissions and optimize production processes will now also be supported. By Mr. Werner Loscheider, Head of Unit IVB4 “Construction Industry, Resource Efficiency” in the BMWK already showed at the annual meeting of the working group Materials to the Annual Meeting 2022, on 12.10.2022, the problematic issues of resource efficiency, material shortages and breaking supply chains, which companies face ever greater challenges.

The TTP LB will be increased to 129 million euros annually starting in 2024. The funding guidelines for the program are currently being revised and will be published in the coming months. Further information can be found in the TTP LB newsletter and will be published by the BMWI in the coming weeks.

More information can be found here: https://www.bmwk.de/Redaktion/DE/Artikel/Technologie/technologietransfer-programm-leichtbau.html

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