Additive Manufacturing and Composites at JEC World 2024

JEC World 2024 has been all about the latest breakthroughs in AM and composites, where industry leaders showcased advancements in lightweight construction and manufacturing synergy.

At the joined booth of our friends from Composites United, MGA found the perfect starting place for the first JEC participation in our history. Our colleague Sven Fritzsche has uncovered a wealth of insights into the evolving landscape of AM and composites. The event served as a platform to showcase the growing role of 3D printing in composite manufacturing, the advancements in mold-making capabilities, and the symbiotic relationship between composites and additive manufacturing in lightweight construction.
One of the highlights of the event was the growing integration of AM into the composite industry, exemplified by our strengthened partnership with Composites United. Their showcase of 3D-printed furniture demonstrated the seamless fusion of innovative manufacturing techniques with traditional composite materials.
Moreover, the event shed light on the expanding opportunities for material producers and companies specializing in large-scale additive manufacturing. With an increasing number of traditional CNC machining companies incorporating 3D print heads capable of volumetric rates up to 75kg/h. Clearly, the intersection of AM and composites presents a promising avenue for innovation and growth.
Furthermore, AM emerges as a key tool for crafting lightweight structures, making it essential for 3D printing companies to explore the composite market. By offering their unique solutions tailored to the needs of composite applications, AM companies can capitalize on the growing demand for lightweight and durable materials.
In conclusion, JEC World 2024 provided a glimpse into the future of additive manufacturing and composites, highlighting the synergies and opportunities that lie at the intersection of these two transformative technologies. As we reflect on the insights gained from the event, we look forward to leveraging these learnings to drive innovation and excellence in our respective industries.
See you at JEC World 2025!

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