AM Forum Berlin 2024: A Gateway to Innovation

The AM Forum 2024 offered a vibrant hub for Additive Manufacturing enthusiasts, industry leaders, and innovators to converge, exchange insights, and explore the latest advancements in the field.

The AM Forum 2024 under the motto of “Accelerating the adoption of AM” provided 3 days of innovation, networking, and thought-provoking discussions. Let’s recap!

On March 19, participants could join one of three AM Tours, showcasing the AM industry of Berlin – and of course we at MGA hosted one of those tours. Led by Naomi Nathan and Stefanie Brickwede the participants not only saw medical breakthroughs and cutting-edge mobility solutions in our exhibition but were also allowed a glimpse into the elastomer printer from Chromatic 3D materials.
Because it is easier to enjoy yourself with a full stomach, the attendees were also offered a unique culinary experience: 3D printed vegan salmon. This additional highlight further exemplified the innovative applications of AM technology.

Later, guests joined the Pre-Evening Event at Wasserwerk, powered by Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH. Here, amidst Berlin’s dynamic innovation ecosystem, participants engaged in networking and collaboration with peers and industry leaders.
On March 20 & 21, as attendees navigated through thought-provoking keynotes and engaging discussions, the AM Forum buzzed with energy and excitement. Networking opportunities abounded, fostering meaningful connections and collaborations that promise to shape the future of 3D printing.
The Women in AM Luncheon, an event by women for women, celebrated the contributions of women in the AM field, featuring inspiring talks by industry trailblazers Marie Langer, Naomi Nathan, and Stefanie Brickwede. Their words resonated with the all-female attendees, highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion in driving innovation forward. Are you a female representative of the AM industry? Join us for the Women in AM Summit on October 9, 2024. Learn more

The session “AM in the area of public service providers” explored the intersection of AM and rail as well as defence. The session, led by Stefanie Brickwede, and featuring Henri de Chassey from Wabtec, and Martin Huber from the European Defense Agency shed light on the potential of AM to revolutionize various sectors, sparking discussions that will fuel future innovations.
To conclude the AM Forum 2024, we held the meeting of our Working Group Defense, where notable figures such as Andreas Leupold of Leupold Legal, Mareike Heesing from Oppenhoff, and Martin Huber from the European Defense Agency, highlighted the imperative of discussing military applications for AM. Learn more about the group here.
As we bid farewell to another successful AM Forum, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants, organizers (Tobias Schmidt, Barbara Weingarten, Nyusha Anvari and the IPM Team), and partners for their invaluable contributions. Together, let’s continue to push the boundaries of innovation and drive positive change in the world of 3D printing.

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