Another benefit of membership: 3DWASH free of charge for MGA members

In cooperation with the Munich-based company Traxer GmbH, MGA members can obtain the environmentally friendly and safe-to-handle cleaning agent 3DWASH for up to 1,200 liters of lye free of charge.

3DWASH was specially developed for washing out alkali-soluble support materials that are frequently used in additive manufacturing (extrusion or FDM® printing processes). The lye, which is already successfully in use by some MGA members, is characterized by a low environmental impact, as it is neutralized only with water instead of acid and offers significantly higher work safety in handling due to its low pH value. A special, patented formulation is gentle for fine model structures and post processes remain unchanged due to the same application quantities and processing temperatures. MGA members can obtain 3DWASH free of charge, excluding shipping costs, directly from Traxer ( or from Krumm-Tec in Endingen. 3DWASH is available in 9 languages (de, en, fr, cs, nl, pt, it, es, sv). Up-to-date safety data sheets are available.

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