Book recommendation: (German) IT Law – law, business and technology of the digital transformation

No question, Additive Manufacturing is a digital technology, making it all the more important to know the basics of IT law. Which is why the latest book from Andreas Leupold, member of the MGA advisory board, should be on any corporate counsel’s bookshelf.

The handbook not only provides solid basic legal knowledge of German IT law, but also the technical and economic understanding of current key technologies. It is suitable as a working aid for in-house counsel and corporate lawyers who want to inform themselves about the current “hot spots” of digital transformation in the industry with a manageable expenditure of time.

Advantages of the work:

  • Practice-oriented presentation of current developments and their economic and legal significance
  • Easy-to-understand presentation of technical backgrounds
  • Practical tips, examples and formulation suggestions for all sub-areas of IT law

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