DigiZug3D Verbundtreffen

We report here on the results, discussions and joint efforts of the latest DigiZug3D consortium.

We are pleased to share our impressions from our recent participation in the DigiZug3D consortium meeting held in Hamburg from 23rd to 24th of April 2024. During the meeting, we collaborated with our partners to drive this research project forward.

The meeting, which brought together a diverse array of industry experts, provided a platform for in-depth discussions on critical topics shaping the future of additive manufacturing. The meeting addressed key themes such as component categorisation, marking of samples and components, process qualification, and the potential advantages of implementing online monitoring systems. These discussions yielded valuable insights and laid the groundwork for collaborative efforts to address emerging challenges and seize opportunities within the industry.

Our involvement in the DigiZug3D consortium meeting reinforced our dedication to innovating and pushing the limits of additive manufacturing. Through shared expertise and resources, we’re positioned to expedite progress and explore fresh opportunities. As we review the fruitful discussions and promising results, we eagerly anticipate ongoing collaboration and the pursuit of groundbreaking solutions that will shape the future of the additive manufacturing landscape.

Stay tuned for further updates! For more information, please contact Linus Tillmann.

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