Elastomer printing: Experience the technology at MGA

Thanks to Chromatic 3D Materials our Industrial Additive Manufacturing (IAM) Hub in Berlin now proudly showcases a third printing technology – and you can see it live and in colour!

MGA is a network of users, material & software providers, institutions, and consultants – but also a network of printer manufacturers. At our IAM Hub in Berlin, we want to give our members the opportunity to show politicians, international delegations, potential customers, and other interested parties the great potential of the different (printer) technologies of Additive Manufacturing.

That is why we already have one of the largest exhibitions of 3D printed parts in Germany – showcasing all different kinds of AM: from FFF to WAAM to concrete printing – we show it all.

But given that the IAM Hub is a Co-Working space, we do not have the requirements for larger printers utilizing for example powder or lasers. So up until this point, we had “only” FFF and SLA printers on side – which are already great when you show the technology to people who did not have a lot of contact with it before. BUT it is not necessarily new to those with a little background in 3D printing (there are quite a few FFF machines in private residences throughout Berlin).

Thanks to Chromatic 3D Materials we can now showcase another AM technology in our space: RX-flow, an elastomer printing technology, great for flexible components such as bellows, seals or rubber buffers! Cora Leibig, Barthel Engendahl and their team set-up their RX-Flow 3500® machine at the end of May. Using two component printing, rubber-like parts can be printed at unimaginable speeds.

Matthias Hoffmann from Chromatic already started training our staff in how to properly maintain and use the printer – which is more complicated than the plug-and-play logic of most FFF machines. Now it is important for us to really learn how to print with the machine and as a next step we are looking forward to finding industrial projects to be realised on this futuristic machine.

If you are interested in learning more about the printer, if you have a project for the printer or would simply like to have a look at the machine – please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We are looking forward to working with the RX-Flow 3500®


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