European Healthcare Forum for Additive Manufacturing (EHFAM) + Symposium on 3D Printing for Life Sciences (3dp Basel)

Discover the future of AM in healthcare at the Symposium on 3D Printing for Life Sciences (3dp Basel) and the European Healthcare Forum for Additive Manufacturing (EHFAM), a cooperation between MGA and Universitätsspital Basel and FHNW Muttenz. Join us on September 6th and 7th in Basel, Switzerland, for two days of learning, innovation, and networking.

We are pleased to announce the successor to the AM Medical Days in Berlin: the European Healthcare Forum for Additive Manufacturing (EHFAM) together with the Symposium on 3D Printing for Life Sciences (3dp Basel). The event is organised by MGA in cooperation with the University Hospital Basel and the FHNW Muttenz and will continue to promote and strengthen the dialogue in the field of medical additive manufacturing.


Event Details:

  • Dates: September 6th and 7th, 2024
  • Location: FHNW-Campus Muttenz, Basel, Switzerland


Registration and Additional Information:

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Sponsoring & Partnerships:

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About the event:

Additive Manufacturing has transformed various sectors, notably healthcare, by enabling the production of customised products and rapid innovation in medical devices, prosthetics, and bio-printed tissues. However, integrating AM into European healthcare faces challenges due to evolving regulations and the need for standardised policies to ensure safety, efficacy, and quality.

Europe leads in adopting regulatory measures for emerging technologies, but AM’s rapid advancement requires ongoing dialogue and regulatory adaptation. The 3dp Basel and EHFAM aim to facilitate crucial discussions on integrating AM technologies into European healthcare. The event will serve as a critical platform for key stakeholders to collaborate and navigate the complexities of integrating AM into mainstream healthcare practices and will:

  • Address regulatory challenges and drive innovation
  • Showcase practical applications and real-world impacts of AM
  • Establish standards for safety and efficacy
  • Strengthen collaboration between academia, industry, and regulatory bodies


The Symposium on 3D Printing for Life Sciences (3dp Basel) will focus on bioprinting, the medical device industry, 3D printing at the point of care in hospitals, and a pitching contest for 3D printing in life sciences. The European Healthcare Forum for AM (EHFAM) will examine the potential for synergistic approaches, practice, and policy. It will also address pricing, reimbursement, and quality assurance strategies, as well as practical applications and the impacts on public healthcare systems. In addition, it will promote innovation and collaboration in line with EU health policies and enhance patient involvement through education and awareness.

We look forward to welcoming you to Switzerland this September!


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