How the network can help you through the pandemic

The additive manufacturing industry profits from events and the opportunity to meet face to face – something that the current Corona situation has made impossible. Now every event is virtual and personal networking has become harder.

More than ever we from Mobility goes Additive have come to realize that networking opportunities are what drives our community. And being part of our ever growing networking is how we and our members stay connected with potential clients and partners in this new virtual environment.

Since the pandemic started, we have been happy to welcome more and more new members every month, proving the point that everyone is looking for networking opportunities. With now more than 120 member companies from different industry branches, our network offers a way for you to stay in contact with suppliers, users and researchers.

Networking is a huge part of our industry, but our network has more to offer to get you through the pandemic. With the united experience and knowledge of leaders of the industry we continue to work on essential issues too complex or financially demanding to be tackled by a single company. Together we reduce barriers on topics like approval, materials and use cases not only for our strongest division of mobility – since the boundaries between the individual AM sectors are becoming more and more blurred, our network can support you in all branches of the industry.

Furthermore we are working closely with government agencies and are happy to help you with anything concerning funding or the dialogue with political institutions.

Be a part of this network and together we can make it through the pandemic, coming out stronger than ever.

You want:

  • solutions for daily questions
  • to meet new people from the industry that you normally would not be able to contact
  • to work on problems that one company alone cannot solve


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