Kick-Off new Working Group Hospitals Project

On October 04 we will kick-off the multicenter study regarding segmentation processes

Segmentation is an important step of the medical 3D printing process. In this process, virtual 3D models of the target structures are created from slice image data sets using suitable image data processing programs. The segmentation results still heavily depend on the examiner, while both approved paid medical products and open-source solutions can be used for this purpose. There are several reasons why it is important to evaluate open-source segmentation programs regarding correctness and precision, e.g. to lower the barriers for medical 3D printing in general and to enable access to the technology in less developed regions, as well as for the influence of the examiner on the segmentation result. Furthermore, the person segmenting the data has a significant impact on the segmentation result, depending on the experience.
The aim of the study is to examine the non-inferiority of the open-source software “3D Slicer” regarding correctness, precision, and inter-examiner reproducibility of the segmentation results compared to approved medical devices. The tests will be incorporated in an international multicenter study design. Abdominal CT scans, for which a positive ethical vote has already been obtained, will be used as data basis.

Have we sparked your interest, or do you have further questions?
Then we would be happy to welcome you to our virtual kick-off on 04 October 2023 from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm!
Feel free to contact Cora for participation and further information about the project.

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