New Members January 2020

We are pleased to welcome four new members to the network

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We are pleased to welcome four new members to the network, who will start the new year with us, and we will briefly introduce all four companies to you.

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Lucchini RS (LRS) is a steel manufacturing Group which offers a diversified range of high-tech products and services and operates globally. The group’s core business is identified with two divisions: manufacturing of high-end railway components and manufacturing of forging and casting to drawings.

LRS would like to increase the knowledge in AM, understand the real need of the railway market and what goals and experiences the other companies already achieved and will contribute their broad knowledge to the network as well as capability to test in metallurgical and R&D laboratories.

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Ottobock stands for high-quality and technologically outstanding products and services in medical technology. The goal of giving mobility back to people with disabilities and protecting functions that have been preserved covers the entire product world of the company. Ottobock now brings its many years of experience in additive manufacturing to the work of our division Medical goes Additive.

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NS, (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) as the main public transporter in the Netherlands transports 1.3 million passengers every day.

As an innovating company in mobility, NS expects participating in Mobility Goes Additive will help in their goals to keep maintaining the trains in a more reliable and sustainable way.

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At PTB in Berlin and Braunschweig, time comes from atomic clocks, lengths are measured far into the nano-world, scientists do research on fundamental questions concerning the physical units, and the employees in the laboratories calibrate measuring instruments, meeting the most demanding requirements. Therefore, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (german Federal Institute of Physics and Technology ) is among the top names in metrology worldwide. As Germany’s national metrology institute, PTB is Germany’s highest authority when it comes to correct and reliable measurements. It is the supreme technical authority of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and employs a total of approx. 1900 staff members at its two sites.


A complete overview of our network members can be found here.


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