New Members

The new year is upon us and we once again welcome seven new members to our ever growing network. Meet the new members:


ELISE accelerates the pace of innovation by providing an open software platform that enables end-to-end automation of the product development process across different disciplines in a single environment.
In the network, they want to address the question of how to further increase efficiency and productivity in component development.

Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung- und Prüfung (BAM)
The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) is a scientific and technical federal institution within the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. It tests, researches and advises on the protection of man, the environment and material goods.
BAM sets and represents high standards for safety in technology and chemistry for Germany and its global markets to further develop the successful German quality culture “Made in Germany”.
Within the network, it seeks to establish contacts with partners from science and industry.

The pro-beam group is a global leader in the field of electron beam and laser technology. ProBeam offers solutions around welding and drilling with the electron beam as well as the coating of surfaces. Customers can decide – depending on their needs – for contract manufacturing at pro-beam or for their own customer-specific system from pro-beam. In addition, pro-beam sees itself as a development partner when it comes to efficient manufacturing processes. Pro-beam would like to get involved in the network in order to be able to incorporate market requirements into its development at an early stage and to be able to work with partners on new topics.

PostProcess GmbH
Post-printing is an often overlooked but critical step in the process, and PostProcess aims to bring visibility to its place in the end-to-end workflow for the benefit of all. They are pioneering the world´s first data-driven automated post-printing solutions and can bring a unique perspective to the network in regards to the opportunities for enabling a digitized end-to-end additive manufacturing process. PostProcess Technologies is eager for the opportunity to collaborate with thought leaders in additive manufacturing to advance the adoption and technology achievements of the industry.

3D-Laserdruck GmbH
The 3D-Laserdruck GmbH is part of a group of companies based in Reutlingen, Baden-Würtenberg. For over 6 years they have been producing 3D printed parts in a wide variety of metals for the whole industry. Especially for metal casting prototypes they have comprehensive process and development know-how in the field of additive manufacturing.
Their goal is to address specialists that understand the benefits and chances given by additive manufacturing and seek to open up new markets as well as find new customers and projects.

Formlabs is a developer and manufacturer of 3D printing technology. The company, based in Somerville, Massachusetts, was founded in September 2011 by three students from the MIT Media Lab and develops and produces 3D printers as well as the associated software and consumables. In the network, formlabs wants to actively participate in various working groups (Mobility & Medical), exchange ideas and overcome challenges together with other members.

NMB Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH
Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH (NMB) is a non-university research institution that develops novel material variants and the associated processing methods in the thematic field of lightweight construction for plastics, metals as well as fiber-reinforced composites. Furthermore, they create application-oriented solutions to optimize existing materials and production processes in an application-related manner. As a research institute with know-how in the field of polymers and their processing, they are interested in active collaboration in various working groups

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