MGA Medical goes Additive: Medical Potential Studies

The medical sector is booming - but which areas have the greatest potential for additive manufacturing and what are the specific needs? We have addressed these and other questions in our potential study.
Additive manufacturing is being used widely in the medical sector. In particular, the various departments of hospitals often access its extensive applications. The major advantages here are the individual fit, freedom of design, speed of production, and cost savings. But how great is the actual potential of medicine and medical technology in terms of using additive manufacturing in Berlin? To answer this question, we at Medical goes Additive conducted a potential study: For this purpose, research was conducted and expert discussions were held over several months to determine the specific needs in the medical sector and to get to know the most important players of said sector in Berlin. It became clear that most representatives of the industry would like to see more networking within the Berlin 3D printing community and that there is a great need for cooperation and alliances. The Industrial Additive Manufacturing (IAM) Hub, which opened in October 2020 on the Marienpark site in the south of Berlin, provides a suitable basis for a central contact point for establishing Additive Manufacturing in the medical sector in the capital: In Berlin-Mariendorf, a dedicated micro-ecosystem with campus character is being created. The topics of co-working, training, research and development, as well as AM events, find a new home here. Check out our medical potential study and find out which areas of the medical industry are particularly promising for the use of Additive Manufacturing.
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