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welcome to the MGA Network!

We are pleased to inform you that your application has been formally approved by the executive board of Mobility goes Additive and gladly welcome you to our network.

To successfully enter as a member please read this short introduction and follow the instructions to ensure a smooth process. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.

We are looking forward to working with you in the network and boost AM together!


Logo for website

We are happy to introduce you as our newest members through our communication channels and to also name you on our website. For this we need your logo as a PNG or JPG file in good resolution – the faster we have it the sooner we can start communicating.

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Follow us on LinkedIn and read our news on the website to stay up to date with the latest development in the network and in the AM industry.

Introduction in the Newsletter

Please register here for our monthly newsletter, in which we report on the activities of the network and its members (for data protection reasons you have to use the registration, we cannot just add you as a recipient). Please forward the link to the your colleagues.

We introduce every new member in the newsletter, that all member companies and hundreds of external contacts receive every month. Since you know your company best, please send over a brief introduction (3-5 sentences) for this

For Members only


One of the perks of this membership is the exclusive opportunity to be listed on our WeBoostAM-platform.

This database was created to share knowledge about for example use cases & technical standards with everyone interested in Additive Manufacturing. Its main goal is enabling more companies to adopt the technology and thus increasing its impact on the manufacturing industry.

Here you can upload your specific use cases and present your company & services in a self-managed profile. Please use this registration link to fill your profile with all necessary information to benefit from the platform. If you need any support please contact Linus Tillmann.

Members Area

Working Groups

We pool our knowledge in working groups to address the most important questions and issues concerning the establishment of Additive Manufacturing in all industry sectors. We aim for transferring know-how and shaping the future of the industry in these working groups, that are headed by both a representative from a member company and a member of the MGA team.

To join one of the groups, please contact either representative and you will be invited to meetings (both virtual and physical). Documents and protocols from the meetings are shared in our Members Area. Please use the registration link and wait for confirmation of the registration (via email) to gain access to documents of your working groups. 

Your Authorized Representative / Your Vote

Mobility goes Additive e.V. is legally established as an association and is required to hold an Annual General Meeting, where we inform about our fiscal year and vote on changes to the statutes. Every two years the board of directors is also newly elected.
As of now, the applicant is legally the authorized representative of your company, is allowed to vote for your company and will be informed about the upcoming activities one month before the general meeting. If you would like to change this, please let us know in writing. It is also possible for someone other than the authorized applicant to vote at the AGM if you fill out and bring the form given.

Annual Meeting

To make the Annual General Meeting more interesting, we each year in autumn embed it into a larger setting. At the Annual Meeting we focus on the users of 3D printing and welcome speakers from all branches of the industry that have already successfully included the technology in their companies. And of course the first evening is all about networking: with good food and drink you can get to know the other members personally and make other interesting contacts from the AM world.


The Annual Meeting 2024 will take place on October 8 – 9

MGA Team

Stefanie Brickwede

Managing Director

Naomi L. Nathan

Head of Medical

Linus Tillmann

Membership & Technology Manager

Berit Timmich

Finance & Marketing Manager

Sven Fritzsche

Senior Project Manager

The office of the network is located in Berlin in the beautiful Marienpark and its team is happy to assist you. To help you find the right contact, here is a quick overview who is responsible for which topics:
Stefanie Brickwede: Managing Director of the mga network Cora Lüders-Theuerkauf: Medical goes Additive Berit Timmich: Communication, Events Linus Tillmann: Technology, Website, WeBoostAM Sven Fritzsche:Defense, Construction, Automotive